Nina & Isaiah


This wedding was truly unique. You’ll see…

Montreal wedding photographer Steve Gerrard talks us through the day….

I met up with Nina & Isaiah at the stunning Orchardleigh House on a perfect summer’s day the day before the wedding. A little clay pigeon shooting and some delicious food, soundtracked by their own DJ, it was a nicely chilled start to the weekend.

The next day we got to witness a wedding full of the couple’s quirky uniqueness. The dresses (yep, that’s plural). Those shoes! A bouquet unlike anything I’ve seen before. The details were incredible. Then there were the fire dancers, the harpist, the silent disco…

But, as usual, it was the people that truly made this wedding one our favourites ever.

Since this day they’ve added a new member to their oh-so-cute family. Massive congrats to them from us.

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