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A Comprehensive Guide to Getting Married in Montreal

Bridal party photo in front of Notre Dame Basilica in Montreal

How to get married in Montreal

Picture this: a city where European charm meets modern elegance, where every street corner tells a story, and where your love story unfolds in the most magical way possible. Welcome to Montreal, a perfect destination for your wedding. This guide is crafted to walk you through the enchanting journey of getting married in this vibrant city, ensuring your big day is as beautiful and seamless as the city itself.

Fun photo of bride & groom with skateboarders

The Essentials: Legalities and Documents

Before you dive into the fun stuff, let’s get the paperwork out of the way. If you and your partner are not Canadian residents, you’ll need a Quebec marriage license. This requires valid IDs (think passports or birth certificates) and proof of civil status. Depending on your home country, additional documents like a Certificate of No Impediment or Declaration of Single Status might be needed. Contact the Canadian embassy or consulate early on to get clear guidance. Remember, this step is crucial and lays the foundation for your dream wedding in Montreal.

Conditions of marriage

wedding ceremony at Scena in Old Montreal

Venue Selection: Montreal’s Finest

Montreal is a city of splendid variety when it comes to wedding venues. Whether you’re dreaming of a lavish hotel ballroom, a historic building, a serene garden, or a chic loft, Montreal has it all.

  • Hotels: The Ritz-Carlton Montreal, known for its luxury and elegance, could be the perfect spot for a grand wedding.
  • Historic Venues: Bonsecours Market and Windsor Ballrooms offer a blend of history and sophistication.
  • Gardens and Parks: For nature lovers, Montreal’s numerous parks and gardens, like Mount Royal Park, provide a stunning green backdrop.
  • Unique Spaces: For a modern twist, consider a trendy loft or an art gallery for an intimate and stylish setting.

When visiting potential venues, picture your wedding day unfolding there. Think about the size, ambiance, accessibility, and, importantly, the venue’s own rules and restrictions.

Here are the best wedding venues in Montreal as voted for by wedding vendors.


Couple hugging and smiling at their wedding reception

Incorporating Montreal’s Charm

Add a touch of Montreal’s unique flavour to your wedding. Consider hiring local artists for live paintings at your reception, offering a creative and personalized memento for your guests. Embrace the city’s cultural heritage with a Quebecois music and dance performance, or go bold with a Cirque du Soleil-style acrobatic act. For your menu, infuse local delicacies like poutine, tourtière, and maple syrup-infused desserts. Partner with a caterer specializing in Quebecois cuisine for an authentic taste of Montreal.

wedding guests at night with Montreal skyline

Montreal’s Wedding Services: The Dream Team

Planning a wedding is no small feat, but Montreal’s array of wedding services can make it a breeze. From experienced wedding planners who know the city inside out to skilled photographers who can capture the essence of your day, the options are plentiful.

  • Wedding Planners: They can be your guide, helping you navigate the local scene and coordinating every detail.
  • Photographers and Videographers: Choose someone whose style resonates with your vision to immortalize your special day.
  • Florists and Decorators: Montreal’s florists can bring your floral dreams to life, whether you prefer classic roses or wildflowers.
  • Musicians and DJs: Music sets the tone for your celebration, so pick performers who align with your taste and can keep your guests dancing all night.
Bride and groom kissing at sunset

Natural Beauty and Seasonal Splendor

Montreal’s natural beauty and distinct seasons offer a stunning backdrop for your wedding. Spring and summer are vibrant with blooming flowers and lush greenery, perfect for outdoor ceremonies. Fall brings a warm palette of colours, ideal for a cozy, rustic-themed wedding. Winter, with its snow-covered landscapes, offers a fairytale setting for a romantic, white wedding.

Bride and bridesmaids in robes laughing with champagne

Guest Experience: Making It Memorable

Your guests are travelling to celebrate with you, so make their experience memorable. Offer a range of accommodation options, from luxury hotels to quaint B&Bs. Montreal’s culinary scene is not to be missed; suggest local eateries and famous dishes. Organize group activities like a guided tour of Old Montreal, a visit to the Botanical Garden, or a food-tasting tour to introduce them to the city’s charms.

couple raising glasses at old montreal wedding venue

The Journey to “I Do”

Planning a wedding in Montreal can be as delightful as the city itself. From the legal groundwork to the last dance, every step is an opportunity to create something extraordinary. This guide is just the beginning – your love story and personal style will shape the rest. Montreal is a canvas awaiting your unique touch, ready to make your wedding not just an event but a beautiful beginning to your lifelong journey together.

As you embark on this exciting path, remember that your wedding in Montreal is more than a celebration; it’s an experience, a memory, and a testament to your love story set against the backdrop of one of the most charming cities in the world. So, embrace the adventure, savour every moment, and let Montreal work its magic on your special day.

quirky bride and groom portrait with books

All photos by Steve Gerrard Photography

Sam & Nicola’s Wedding at Espace 360

irish mexican wedding in old montreal

Occasionally we stumble across a real Montreal wedding that immediately has us transfixed. Sam & Nicola’s beautifully relaxed and stylish wedding at Espace 360 in Old Montreal is one such wedding.

Photographed by the fantastic Gabrielle Desmarchais these photographs stopped us in our tracks with their cinematic feel, not to mention Nicola’s stunning recycled wedding dress.

Gabrielle says it’s “a love story between a beautiful Irish girl and a Mexican with a big heart. They met in the City of Glass and it was love at first sight!

Vancouver being a rather distant city for Nicola’s Irish family, the couple decided to celebrate their wedding in Montreal, a city they had always wanted to visit and had not yet had the chance. It was in the romantic neighborhood of Old Montreal that Nicola and Sam said “I do” accompanied by their families and friends from Europe, Mexico, the United States and British Columbia.

The ceremony was held in a large glass room reminiscent of the architecture of their home city, Vancouver. A 360-degree view offered guests a glimpse of the city! The newlyweds drank with their guests with Irish drinks made from Baileys. The day was beautiful and hot. All walked the cobblestone streets of old Montreal, discovering a new city for many. There followed a supper at Hotel Le Saint Sulpice with sometimes touching, often humorous speeches.”

We love the flowers, lovingly designed by Astible and Nicola’s hair & makeup by Atelier Eva Blanca.

Huge congrats to Sam & Nicola and a big Merci to Gabrielle for sharing these gorgeous wedding photos with us.

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Anthony and Kirsten – Wedding at L’Ambroisie a L’Espace Canal

L’Ambroisie a L’Espace Canal

Today we’re just a bit excited to share with you a very cool wedding photographed by Ottawa photographer Agatha Rowland. Anthony and Kirsten’s wedding was at L’Ambroisie a L’Espace Canal in Montreal and Agatha’s photographic style fits perfectly. We asked Agatha to tell us a little more about the day…

“Kirsten and Anthony planned a wedding for their friends and family from all over Canada. They chose Montreal, where Anthony is from, to host the incredible celebration. The venue, L’Ambroisie at L’espace Canal, was perfectly suited to their style and just right for their wedding size. It’s a big, beautiful industrial venue located in Saint Henri that overlooks the Canal Lachine. It’s really a blank slate that couples can decorate however they want – and Kirsten & Anthony did an incredible job to make the space perfectly suited to them. With white roses and greenery running down the length of each table (which the Bride sourced herself from Joe’s Prop House), and hundreds of String lights covering the ceiling, they transformed the space into an incredibly warm reception venue.

The day started out with Anthony at his parent’s home in Laval, and Kirsten getting ready in an Airbnb in Old Montreal (another beautiful industrial space). The on and off rain all morning cancer meant that their plans for an outdoor ceremony had to be moved indoors. Which proved not to be a problem at all – as the staff at L’Ambroisie are incredible coordinators and string lights and large windows made for a beautiful indoor ceremony space.

One thing that stood out to me while photographing the day, was how happy everyone was. Taking candid photos of friends and family was easy. Everyone was having an incredible time – and it showed. There was so much heart and soul packed into the day, which was visible from start to finish. From their personalized vows to the hum of laughter during dinner to the incredible speeches; it was all just bursting with joy.”

You can certainly see that joy captured in Agatha’s gorgeous photos. Take a look!

Big thanks to Agatha for sharing this one with us, and congrats to Anthony and Kirsten on a beautiful wedding.

Vendor Credits:

Venue: L’Ambroisie a L’Espace Canal
Photography: Agatha Rowland
Videography: Rowland Films 
Bride’s Dress: Chantal’s BridalEddy K Milano
Bridesmaid Dresses: Amandalina’sChantal’s BridalJealous Bridesmaid,
Maid of Honour dress: handmade by Melissa Gentile Couture
Groom’s Attire: King and Bay
MUA: Jenna Conquergood
Hair: Sabrina Virgilio
Brides hair extensions/Lashes: Wink & Wave
DJ: @dj.alex.n
Jewelry: Swarovski
Invitations/Menus: Keeks Paper Co
Decor: Designed by the Bride, Tables/chairs supplied by Joe’s Prop House, Lighting by Nathan’s Possibilities
Florist: Rita Pollota
Catering: Restaurant L’Ambroisie
Musicians: Bolero Trio

Hannah and Justin – Parisian Laundry Wedding

Parisian Laundry Wedding

Today’s wedding comes from established wedding photographer Emilie Olson. She was chosen to photograph Hannah and Justin’s gorgeous wedding at the Parisian Laundry in Montreal and captured the day beautifully. And we have to mention, the party looks like a fun one!

We asked Emilie herself to tell us a little more about the wedding day itself…

“Waiting in the car for Justin’s limo to arrive, the sun is almost immediately swallowed up with rain clouds and it’s torrential downpour. This is the moment where a photographer has to say, do we wait for it to pass? How much time do we have to wait it out, or to travel to our Plan B? This is the sort of pressure wedding photographers deal with on a weekly basis, more than once (and only 1 of the many problems we may need to solve).

This pressure is exactly why I’ve been photographing weddings for 10 years and why I still love them. I still have butterflies. If we weren’t pushed to work under pressure, we wouldn’t stay this in love with our work, or get striking material. That is what’s so special to us, and especially our clients. Our plan B was to (quickly) make our way to an industrial building in Saint Henri that I knew had great pockets of window light, and no one around to question us. I’m in love with what came out of it.

Hannah and Justin were calm, trusting and simply happy – this was their wedding day. Why shouldn’t they be?! They were getting married and letting the pros do the thinking.”

Big thanks to Hannah and Justin for allowing us to share their story, and to Emilie for the fantastic images.

There was also a huge and incredible team of wedding vendors that worked on this day…


Onsite coordinator and event planner | Blanc Events

Videography | Villa View

Venue | Parisian Laundry

Caterer | Tuck Shop

Flowers | Fleurs des Jardins

Rentals | Joes Prop HouseCelebrationsLuxe rentals and ABP

Cake | Yuki Bakery

Tent | Fiesta Tents

Photobooth | Pixi Booth

DJ | DJ Eric the Tutor

Printed material | That Sky Blue

Melanie + Vinh – Theatre Paradoxe Wedding


Here at Montreal Wedding Blog we love all kinds of venues, from grand hotel ballrooms to rustic barns in the mountains. But one Montreal venue that has something truly special about it is the stunning Theatre Paradoxe. So today we’re extremely pleased to share Melanie + Vinh’s spectacular wedding with you.

Photographed by talented photographer team of Catherine and Jesse at Bachmann Photography, this wedding has the perfect mix of style and fun, and the photos captured the day superbly.

We asked Melanie to tell us a little more about their wedding day….

“We got married over labour day weekend with perfect late summer weather and family and friends from across the globe all ready to celebrate.

The influences that shaped our day included cinema, 90’s nostalgia, and our cultural backgrounds. Vinh’s love for Tarantino films can be seen in the styling of his groomsmen, emulating the movie, “Reservoir Dogs”. Melanie’s approach was more vintage Hollywood glamour, even opting for her bridesmaids to wear white as well. The icing on the cake was the red carpet rolled out to welcome our guests to the venue.

We incorporated elements of our ethnic roots by having Filipino wedding rituals during the church ceremony. And during the reception, Melanie changed into a Vietnamese áo dài to honour her husband’s Vietnamese background while Vinh in turn wore a traditional Filipino barong.

We had our reception at a converted church that still held high ceilings, beautiful stained glass windows, and phenomenal acoustics. The logo Melanie designed was projected over the head table, and the guest tables were adorned with candelabras. Food and drinks were abundant and our guests filled the dance floor – at one point, our cake table became a platform to dance on!

As Vinh’s proposal involved asking me to “be his lobster”, a few Friends sitcom references were sprinkled in for good fun. We made our reception entrance to the “I’ll Be There For You” theme song, and had our cake topper read, “You’re My Lobster”.

I was a Polynesian dancer in my adolescence and created another memorable event by performing a surprise Hawaiian hula dance choreographed just for Vinh to the 90’s tune, “Head Over Heels” by Alanis Morissette.

The two things our guests told us about our special day, was: 1) How fun the atmosphere was (all thanks to our crazy, fun-loving friends and family), and 2) How smoothly everything went. Little did they know all the things that didn’t quite go according to plan, but it really did all come together in the end. But oh how those mishaps make great anecdotes.”

Thanks so much to Melanie & Vinh for letting us share their wedding. We wish them a fantastic future together.

montreal-madison-wedding_0428 montreal-madison-wedding_0429 montreal-madison-wedding_0430 montreal-madison-wedding_0431 montreal-madison-wedding_0432 montreal-madison-wedding_0433 montreal-madison-wedding_0434 montreal-madison-wedding_0435 montreal-madison-wedding_0436 montreal-madison-wedding_0437 montreal-madison-wedding_0438 montreal-madison-wedding_0439 montreal-madison-wedding_0440 montreal-madison-wedding_0441 montreal-madison-wedding_0442 montreal-madison-wedding_0443 montreal-madison-wedding_0444 montreal-madison-wedding_0445 montreal-madison-wedding_0446

Wedding dress: Pronovias
Photography: Catherine and Jesse at Bachmann Photography
Veil & cape: Custom made by mother of bride
Hair/make-up: Studio Caroline Théoret
Venue/catering: Groupe Madison
Cake: Rustique
DJ: Raz

Rebecca + Patrick – Intercontinental Montreal Wedding


Rebecca & Patrick chose the elegant Intercontinental Hotel at the gateway of downtown and Old-Montreal for their stylish wedding and we’re thrilled they allowed us to share their day with the readers of Mtl Wedding Blog.

Their photographers on the day were James Correia and Steve Gerrard and we feel the images here capture the feel of the event perfectly. The couple opted for a first look ahead of the ceremony followed by a portrait session around Old Montreal. As Steve tells us “We were lucky too… Not long afterwards the heavens opened and everyone was running for cover. The area next to the Intercontinental Hotel is one of the best spots for photos when it’s raining outside. I think at one point we counted 8 other brides having photos there at the same time!”

Huge congratulations to Rebecca & Patrick on their marriage. We wish them all the luck in the world.

intercontinental-montreal-wedding_0373 intercontinental-montreal-wedding_0374 intercontinental-montreal-wedding_0375 intercontinental-montreal-wedding_0376 intercontinental-montreal-wedding_0377 intercontinental-montreal-wedding_0378 intercontinental-montreal-wedding_0379 intercontinental-montreal-wedding_0380 intercontinental-montreal-wedding_0381 intercontinental-montreal-wedding_0382 intercontinental-montreal-wedding_0383 intercontinental-montreal-wedding_0384 intercontinental-montreal-wedding_0385 intercontinental-montreal-wedding_0386 intercontinental-montreal-wedding_0387 montreal-intercontinental-wedding_0388 montreal-intercontinental-wedding_0389 montreal-intercontinental-wedding_0390 montreal-intercontinental-wedding_0391 montreal-intercontinental-wedding_0392 montreal-intercontinental-wedding_0393

Kanika & Rishi – A Wedding at The Sheraton in Laval


For today’s epic wedding say hello to Kanika & Rishi who celebrated their day with a large group of friends and family at The Sheraton Hotel in Laval.

These photographs from renowned photographer Tim Chin beautifully capture the traditions, the dynamic colours and the emotions of their wedding day.

We love how the images tell a story as well as focusing on the important details that make Asian weddings so rich with tradition.

Many thanks to Tim for sending the photos over, and to Kanika & Rishi for sharing their day with us.

montreal-wedding-photos_0934 montreal-wedding-photos_0935 montreal-wedding-photos_0936 montreal-wedding-photos_0937 montreal-wedding-photos_0938 montreal-wedding-photos_0939 montreal-wedding-photos_0940 montreal-wedding-photos_0941 montreal-wedding-photos_0942 montreal-wedding-photos_0943 montreal-wedding-photos_0944 montreal-wedding-photos_0945 montreal-wedding-photos_0946 montreal-wedding-photos_0947 montreal-wedding-photos_0948 montreal-wedding-photos_0949 montreal-wedding-photos_0950 montreal-wedding-photos_0951 montreal-wedding-photos_0952

Reception: Sheraton Laval

Wedding planner & MC: Girish Bansal – Shaadi MC

DJ: DJ Kuldeep MixSingh

Gill and Pat – Montreal Science Centre Wedding


Check out this fantastic wedding shot by photographer Ashley MacPhee!

Gill and Pat’s wedding at Montreal’s Science Centre looks like the kind of wedding we wish we’d been invited to!

With wedding planner A Belle Affair helping to make sure everything looked amazing, this is one very cool wedding.


Wedding Planner: A Belle Affair

Venue: Montreal Science Centre

Photography – Ashley MacPhee

Hair: Christina Stavropoulos

Venue: Science Center Montreal

Floral: Fleurs Illico

A Wedding at Restaurant L’Autre Version in the heart of old Montreal


Myriam & Etienne’s wedding at Restaurant L’Autre Version in the heart of old-Montreal was a super stylish affair, taking place in June, and beautifully photographed by Sophie Asselin.


We asked Myriam to tell us about the big day….

“We have been together for 10 years and we are proud parents of two young children : a 5 year old and a 3 year old. Our marriage was intended as a celebration of our relationship but also of our little family which we are so proud of. We wanted to demonstrate through this important event, the pride of our accomplishments and our love of the past decade. I dreamed of a rather intimate wedding (80 people), where relatives and friends could celebrate with us with ease, on a beautiful summer day.


So, I chose an urban/chic environment in Old Montreal. I knew that the pictures would be beautiful. The splendid terrace of L’Autre Version restaurant on St-Paul Street was just perfect for a nice intimate outdoor ceremony. We just had to add a few flowers, lanterns and candles to match the vineyards and stone walls. A few tables and sofas then allowed us to enjoy the place during the whole cocktail hour before dinner. Cake and dessert were even served on the terrace in the warm evening. The chic decor and elegant interior of the restaurant with its chandeliers and stone walls was just perfect for the desired atmosphere. The flower centerpieces were so elegant. A refined food was served for the pleasure of the guests before giving way to the dance. This sunny day was just perfect!


Projects designed by us are (DIY): We made our love story of the last 10 years on a large slate placed on the terrace. We created a card for every table with a year from 2005 to 2015 and the highlight of each year. We also had a bunch of balloons from a family picture so that the guests put their fingerprint on. We also had custom gloss for all the girls and a Photo Booth for formal photo memories of each couple and fun photos that we printed and sent to all our guests with their thank you card.”

Thanks so much to Myriam & Etienne for allowing us to share their wedding, and to Sophie Asselin for the photographs.


Wedding planner: Unikevent
Venue: Restaurant L’Autre Version
Officiant: Mariages à Bras Ouverts
Where she got ready: Le Saint-Sulpice Hôtel Montréal
Wedding dress: Mikaella Bridal, Créations Vézina
Shoes: Badgley Mischka
Flowers: Prune
Music: A1DJs
Photographer: Sophie Asselin photographe de mariage