Vivianne & Phu – Engagement Session


Today we’re excited to share this beautiful engagement shoot by Montreal photographer Sarah White.

Sarah tells us “Vivianne and I went to high school together. When she asked me to be her photographer for her special day, I knew it would be a great journey. While shooting the engagement shoot, which she chose to do in her wedding dress, you could really feel the romance through their personalities. We started off at the World Trade Center in Montreal and ended up on a friend’s roof, with the amazing sunset.”


Vivianne & Phu told us little more about the wedding :

Wedding theme and colours : Purple/White.

“For us white is associated with purity, sincerity, and faith that we wished our wedding life would be filled of. As for purple, it added a touch of elegance and fierceness in contrast to the white. It is also said that purple inspires selfless, and unconditional love.

We met through mutual friends. I always thought he looked kind of like a bad boy. He later told me that he thought I looked snob. So the mutual feelings at first were not the best!


We saw each other from time to time at our friends’ gathering. We would sometimes joke around, asking each others when was the first time we started looking at the opposite one with an eye of interest. My husband is the romantic one, and so he always tells me that the first time he ever laid eyes on me, he already thought I was attractive, and a snob right?

As for me, it was that one time, when he came to one of our outings on his motorcycle. Boy, I thought he looked so manly wearing that helmet, and those black clothes of his. We grew closer as time went by and I discovered we had so many things in common. He became my best friend and confidant, and we would eventually fall in love.

He actually sold that bike of his to buy my engagement ring, or so he told me. He proposed on the exact same spot where we kissed for the first time. He waited for the sunset that day, and asked me “Will you marry me?””


Thanks to Vivianne & Phu for sharing their story and to Sarah for the fantastic images.


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