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Engagement Shoots

Maria + Joseph – Engagement Session in Old Montreal

Cameron May is a wedding photographer from Calgary who recently relocated to Montreal. He kindly agreed to share some images from a shoot he did in Old Montreal ahead of Maria & Joseph’s wedding.

Maria says of the proposal, “I just returned from a 3ish week-long trip from the Philippines and anytime I go on an extensive trip Joseph always had a surprise for me waiting in our bedroom. One time it was rose petals and candles everywhere. Another time it was a bunch of balloons, streamers and a banner.

He said he wanted to show me something in our room so we went to go look and he didn’t decorate or anything so I thought he was teasing me and I was like “oh ok….” and left the room. I didn’t notice the ring box on our bed because it was the same colour as our duvet. So he picked it up and showed it to me and asked me if I wanted to marry him. To my disbelief and shock as to what was happening, I’m pretty sure I asked him like 10 times if he was actually proposing right then and there haha.”

It was also great to see the couple brought their dog along to the engagement shoot. The couple are from Edmonton so Maria explained why they chose Montreal for their photos.

“We wanted to take our photos in Montreal because we really enjoy the old architecture and cobble roads in the Old Montreal area. Being from Edmonton which is quite boring scenery wise, it was a trip we looked forward to.”

Thanks to Cameron for sharing these great photos with MTL Wedding Blog. And congrats to Maria & Joseph.

Check out more of Cameron’s work HERE



We love to see couples who can genuinely relax and have fun in front of the camera, so when we saw this image taken by Vatche Vick of Prizma Productions we had to find out more from the man himself.

“Lena and Yervant’s photo session was all about fun, love and joy.

They wanted to do their E-session somewhere different and beautiful therefore La Ronde was the best place in order to capture their love story.”

Where to find Vatche online:


Vivianne & Phu – Engagement Session


Today we’re excited to share this beautiful engagement shoot by Montreal photographer Sarah White.

Sarah tells us “Vivianne and I went to high school together. When she asked me to be her photographer for her special day, I knew it would be a great journey. While shooting the engagement shoot, which she chose to do in her wedding dress, you could really feel the romance through their personalities. We started off at the World Trade Center in Montreal and ended up on a friend’s roof, with the amazing sunset.”


Vivianne & Phu told us little more about the wedding :

Wedding theme and colours : Purple/White.

“For us white is associated with purity, sincerity, and faith that we wished our wedding life would be filled of. As for purple, it added a touch of elegance and fierceness in contrast to the white. It is also said that purple inspires selfless, and unconditional love.

We met through mutual friends. I always thought he looked kind of like a bad boy. He later told me that he thought I looked snob. So the mutual feelings at first were not the best!


We saw each other from time to time at our friends’ gathering. We would sometimes joke around, asking each others when was the first time we started looking at the opposite one with an eye of interest. My husband is the romantic one, and so he always tells me that the first time he ever laid eyes on me, he already thought I was attractive, and a snob right?

As for me, it was that one time, when he came to one of our outings on his motorcycle. Boy, I thought he looked so manly wearing that helmet, and those black clothes of his. We grew closer as time went by and I discovered we had so many things in common. He became my best friend and confidant, and we would eventually fall in love.

He actually sold that bike of his to buy my engagement ring, or so he told me. He proposed on the exact same spot where we kissed for the first time. He waited for the sunset that day, and asked me “Will you marry me?””


Thanks to Vivianne & Phu for sharing their story and to Sarah for the fantastic images.


Alex + Simon – Montreal Engagement Shoot


It’s always interesting to us here at Montreal Wedding Blog to hear cool engagement stories. It seems more and more people are putting genuine thought into how the proposal will happen. It doesn’t have to be extravegant flashmobs. It just needs to show some genuine thought and maybe a little romance.

When we heard about Alex & Simon’s story and saw the photos taken on their engagement shoot by Ashley MacPhee we knew we wanted to share them with everyone. We asked Alex to tell us how it all went down….

“This summer Simon and I planned a 3 week road trip through Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia and Slovenia. On our last evening on the beautiful island of Hvar, Simon and I got into our rented car and decided to drive through the wine country before the sunset.

We came across a small village and Simon asked a local where the best beach on the entire island was to watch the sunset. Once we had directions we picked up a bottle of wine at a grocery store and off we went. When we arrived at the beach it was so romantic because it was completely deserted. We settled down on a rock and opened the bottle of wine. Just as I was about to start enjoying watching the sunset Simon took out his laptop from his knapsack which was such a surprise to me! Why did he bring his laptop to the beach?!

He then played a slideshow for me of tons of video clips and photos of us throughout the last few years that he had put together to all of our favorite songs! It was so romantic and thoughtful. Just as the slideshow ended and the sun was about to go down Simon reached for his bag and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!

I said YES!”

Huge congratulations to Alex & Simon on their engagement. We wish them all the luck in the world for the wedding and their future together.


Dina + Boris – A Montreal Proposal


When Valerie from Studio Baron sent us these photographs we were thrilled to be able to feature our first ever proposal on MTL Wedding Blog!

Can you imagine having photographs of your proposal to look back on for years? So cool!

We asked Valerie how the shoot came about….

“When Boris called me from Toronto to ask me to shoot his proposal to Dina over the Christmas holidays while they vacationed in Montreal, I was so excited that I said yes! A prelude to her saying yes too!!!

I helped him plan the big moment, and we texted back and forth like giddy teenagers as the moment grew near. Having never met them before, I had a photo to go on and then I heard the happy giggles and I knew they were approaching. The moment had arrived. He dropped to one knee and she threw her head back with laughter and joy and they were engaged!

I was so happy to be the first to congratulate them and capture such a special and momentous time in their lives. We had such a great time shooting their engagement session right away that the laughter just kept on rolling. It was a perfect trip to our fair city for theses lovebirds that they’ll never forget.”

Thanks to Valerie for the great images and a huge congratulations to Dina and Boris on the beginning of their journey together.

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