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Dina + Boris – A Montreal Proposal


When Valerie from Studio Baron sent us these photographs we were thrilled to be able to feature our first ever proposal on MTL Wedding Blog!

Can you imagine having photographs of your proposal to look back on for years? So cool!

We asked Valerie how the shoot came about….

“When Boris called me from Toronto to ask me to shoot his proposal to Dina over the Christmas holidays while they vacationed in Montreal, I was so excited that I said yes! A prelude to her saying yes too!!!

I helped him plan the big moment, and we texted back and forth like giddy teenagers as the moment grew near. Having never met them before, I had a photo to go on and then I heard the happy giggles and I knew they were approaching. The moment had arrived. He dropped to one knee and she threw her head back with laughter and joy and they were engaged!

I was so happy to be the first to congratulate them and capture such a special and momentous time in their lives. We had such a great time shooting their engagement session right away that the laughter just kept on rolling. It was a perfect trip to our fair city for theses lovebirds that they’ll never forget.”

Thanks to Valerie for the great images and a huge congratulations to Dina and Boris on the beginning of their journey together.

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