Alex + Simon – Montreal Engagement Shoot


It’s always interesting to us here at Montreal Wedding Blog to hear cool engagement stories. It seems more and more people are putting genuine thought into how the proposal will happen. It doesn’t have to be extravegant flashmobs. It just needs to show some genuine thought and maybe a little romance.

When we heard about Alex & Simon’s story and saw the photos taken on their engagement shoot by Ashley MacPhee we knew we wanted to share them with everyone. We asked Alex to tell us how it all went down….

“This summer Simon and I planned a 3 week road trip through Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia and Slovenia. On our last evening on the beautiful island of Hvar, Simon and I got into our rented car and decided to drive through the wine country before the sunset.

We came across a small village and Simon asked a local where the best beach on the entire island was to watch the sunset. Once we had directions we picked up a bottle of wine at a grocery store and off we went. When we arrived at the beach it was so romantic because it was completely deserted. We settled down on a rock and opened the bottle of wine. Just as I was about to start enjoying watching the sunset Simon took out his laptop from his knapsack which was such a surprise to me! Why did he bring his laptop to the beach?!

He then played a slideshow for me of tons of video clips and photos of us throughout the last few years that he had put together to all of our favorite songs! It was so romantic and thoughtful. Just as the slideshow ended and the sun was about to go down Simon reached for his bag and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!

I said YES!”

Huge congratulations to Alex & Simon on their engagement. We wish them all the luck in the world for the wedding and their future together.


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