Introducing…. Luisa Galuppo Cakes


Luisa Galuppo‘s career in the art of pastry began several years ago studying the French classics. After graduating she worked in various hotels and pastry shops in the Montreal area, most notably as a chocolatière for the celebrated Les Chocolats de Chloé.

Through it all there was one avenue she had yet to discover and was always drawn to, wedding cakes! Her creative interests led her to The Bonnie Gordon School of Confectionary Arts and an internship with acclaimed Toronto cake designer Allyson Meredith.

Having always been passionate about baking she is now able to combine her love of pastry with her love of art and design! From elegant weddings to whimsical birthdays; it is both her goal and pleasure to create delicious, memorable cakes!

This year her cakes were voted amongst the best in Canada on popular blog WeddingBelles.

We caught up Luisa to quiz her about her successful business….

What first inspired you to start your business?

Having gone to culinary school and worked in pastry for many years I have always had a love for desserts. While working as a chocolatier my mom bought me a copy of “Martha Stewart’s Wedding Cakes” and I was “bit by the bug” so to speak. Wedding cakes had always intrigued me and I knew one day I wanted to try my hand at them. I immediately enrolled in a cake decorating workshop and the rest is history. Thanks to my family’s encouragement and help I started Luisa Galuppo Cakes in 2009 and have happily been making cakes ever since 🙂

What words best describe the kind of cakes you make?

I think my cake style is definitely very clean, elegant and timeless. I believe a couple should look back years after their wedding and still love their cake. This is also why I don’t typically let trends influence my design style.

Can you tell us about any designs that you particularly enjoyed making?

I have really loved all the cakes I’ve had the opportunity to make. A design that is always very close to my heart is any that features sugar flowers! Honestly I’m a little obsessed with them 😉

What’s your advice for couples who are looking for their perfect wedding cake?

I think the first antidepressants step towards a couple’s perfect cake is finding the right person to make it. They should connect with both the style and personality of the cake designer they choose to work with. Whether it is myself, or one of my talented fellow designers, a couple should trust their cake decorator. In my experience the best cakes are always a result of a couple having faith in your skills and giving you some creative liberty (while still respecting their vision). In my experience that has always yielded the best cake and happiest couples 🙂

Photo credit – Steve Gerrard

How far in advance of a wedding should couples contact you?

Due to the intricacy of the cakes I make I only commit to a few per weekend depending on their design and size. For this reason I always advise couples to reserve their wedding dates at least 6-9 months in advance. My philosophy is quality over quantity and it is very important that every cake I make gets 100% of my attention.

What do you find to be the biggest challenge/most difficult part of your job?

Aside from delivering cakes (that part never gets easy, lol) I’d say the most stressful part is the stakes attached to a wedding cake. This is the biggest day in a couples life and likely the only wedding cake they will ever have…that’s a big responsibility! With that stress also comes a great sense of honor to be a part of their special day so I guess it even’s itself out 😉

How do you like to spend your time when you’re not in the kitchen?

Given the nature of what I do staying physically active is a must! All cake all the time can really catch up to you if you don’t 😉 I’m very close with my family and I spend a lot of time with them. My husband and I love to travel so in the off season we take a lot of trips. Funny thing, when I’m not in the kitchen for work you’ll usually find me in the kitchen baking for fun 🙂

Thanks to Luisa for sharing her thoughts with MTL Wedding Blog. We wish her all the best for a successful 2016.

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