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Love Lux Wedding Films and Videography Montreal

In a recent poll, newlyweds listed “not spending more on a videographer” as their number one regret when it came to budgeting for their big day. And 35 percent of couples wish they’d hired a videographer.

Here at MTL Wedding Blog we have seen the standard of wedding videography improve rapidly over the last few years, and we are always on the lookout for fantastic local wedding videographers. So we were happy to discover the beautiful work of Love Lux Films. This is wedding videography with a very modern and creative twist. Beautiful story-telling without any of the old cliches.

We asked Tristan from Love Lux to tell us more about what they do, and how they make sure their couples receive a fil that will be priceless to their families for decades to come.

When did Love Lux Films first begin shooting weddings?

We have been running Love Lux for 4 years now, we are a young business but are growing really fast. Before Love Lux Films, I worked for a large wedding photo/video studio in Australia as a studio manager managing over 300 weddings a year, this is where I learnt what it takes to create outstanding work for clients. Maelle started her photography career as a sports and concert photographer. She also works in social media management and content marketing for major Canadian brands.

What were your aspirations for the company when you began? 
We wanted to create a very personal boutique wedding studio and produce films that we would want to receive for our own wedding. We don’t outsource any of our clients work, and everything is taken on by us. We need extra hands for more coverage on larger weddings, we only bring on board filmmakers that we trust.

How would you describe your style?

We love to capture the moment in the most natural, and genuine way. We are not big fans of the classic, cheesy wedding film feel so we work with our couples to bring out their real selves and make that shine in their films. We also use film stocks on our edits to create a cinematic look, and we always like to keep the image looking warm and inviting, an overall happy vibe :).

We are LOVE LUX FILMS // Nous sommes LOVE LUX FILMS from Love Lux Films & Photography on Vimeo.

What challenges do you usually face during a wedding day? 

We have now shot so many weddings that we are totally used comfortable on the wedding day, however that doesn’t stop us from being creative. I think pushing yourself to go the extra mile in every shoot in order to be more creative is the biggest challenge, and that’s why we love it.

What can brides do to help you to capture their wedding day in the best possible way? 
Just be yourself and enjoy one of the best days of your life. We are going to make it look amazing, so no need to worry about us. 
Got any funny stories from weddings you’ve covered? 

One of our clients baked a pavlova wedding cake the morning of the wedding day, in a log cabin, in the forest! Don’t worry it was all planned and she is an expert baker (she even hosts her own baking TV show – Flour Power, on the channel Gusto!).


What advice do you offer a wedding couple that can’t decide between photography and videography?

It is always a hard choice. If you have to pick only one then it’s important to weigh up what’s important to you as a couple. Photography as a medium can be printed and hung on your wall as well as shown digitally. Video, on the other hand, can only exist in the digital world but you can really bring the audience into the scene with powerful audio and music over moving image.

How early do brides need to think about booking their videographer? 

It really depends, you can never be too early, however, we are booking up very quick these days, so it’s all about getting the date booked before someone else does. 12-8 months before the day is normally safe. 
What do you do for fun when not filming events? 
We love camping and traveling, so we make sure we fit as much in of that as we can during the year. I’m also really getting into creating my own artisanal food, such as Australian home-cured bacon, sourdough bread and home brew pale ale beer. Maelle continues to shoot concerts whenever she can, and loves to document our trips with photography.
Where can we find you online? 
We can be found at and or call Tristan for a chat on 514-882-8841.

You offer package deals. Will you share more about this?

We offer 2 base packages but they are totally customizable. Every wedding is unique so we want to shape our services to match that.

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