Introducing…. Ella Photography


Isabella Rosa has established herself as one of the finest wedding photographers in the Montreal area with her successful business, under the name Ella Photography.

In her own words “the celebration of an amazing moment or even enjoying a simple day of fun with the family, inspires me. Makes me want to be a better person.”

We caught up with Isabella to find out more about how she sees the world through her camera…


How do you prepare for a shoot or a wedding?

I send all my bride and grooms a booklet (which I wrote) to help them prepare for their wedding day. It makes it easier for them to plan their wedding day if they are really looking to get the best of their photos. A few weeks before their wedding, I send them a form to fill out so that I know where/when everything is happening as well as a little bit about their family and timeline. As a wedding photographer , I try to help as much as I can since I know that, for my couples, it’s most likely their first wedding (and not mine)


Do you shoot film, digital or both?

Professionally, I shoot digital. It’s easier to deliver to clients and I get to give them MORE! On personal events, I shoot film 🙂


What are your favourite places to shoot in the Montreal area?

My favourite park at sunset is Maisonneuve. The sun is always beautiful there for some reason. I like it when clients get creative and suggest places I’ve never been before. Montreal has plenty of secret amazing spots.


Your advice for couples who are looking for their perfect wedding photographer?

Meet them! Make sure that you connect with their personality and they make you feel good. Your wedding photographer is the only person that you will be “stuck” with them all day. It’s important that you like them. If you hire a photographer that you never met and then you realize, “Oh man, I really can’t stand this guy” you’ll have a terrible day. No matter how wonderful everything else is. Also, have an engagement session. Another way to get to know them EVEN BETTER.


One thing you’d like every bride and groom to know before their wedding?

The location of your wedding day has a lot to do with how your photos will turn out. Make sure that you book a venue that reflects the style of photography that you want. For example, if you love my style, which is bright and happy and then, you book a location that’s grungy and dark.. the photos that I produce won’t have the same “feel” that you fell in love with. Unfortunately, we are not magicians. We all have our style but we are documenters first. We will photograph your day AS IT IS.. we can’t make it look like something that it is not.


What really gets to you at weddings? Makes you emotional? Makes you laugh?

Ahhhh, people who speak how they truly feel regardless if there’s hundred of people watching. It’s awesome. Gets me every time. You cry at your wedding.. I probably will cry with you.


What do you find to be the biggest challenge/most difficult part of being a wedding photographer?

Wedding photography has been proven to be the most difficult industry because we never know what will happen before it actually happens. We are trained to deal with any lighting situation, any incident, any weather, and crowd control if needed. Not many photographers can do what we can do. For best results on your wedding day, you need to find a photographer that’s specializes in weddings. I think the most “difficult” part could be that not a lot of people still realize how hard we must work to be able to give our couples the best photos possible. But we love it regardless.


How far in advance of their wedding should couples contact a wedding photographer?

Ohhh a full year at least. I’m getting inquiries for 2017 already.


Where do you want to shoot next?

Greece or Ireland would be awesome!!


How do you like to spend your time when you aren’t shooting weddings?

I have a few personal photography projects here and there to keep me WAY too busy. I’m currently in the process of writing 2 more guides for couples and I also have a Marketing & Design business and blog where I give consultations for small businesses on how to brand themselves and grow. I also photograph a lot of BOUDOIR and LIFESTYLE (families and portraits) and have a podcast that I record.


Can you name five wedding vendors you recommend to clients?


Hello, I Make Films are awesome at what they do : They shoot videos
Uptown Xpress is a DJ
A Gorgeous Fete (Maxine Bertrand) is a planner
O.xide design does flowers
Janet Persaud does Makeup

Thanks a lot to Isabella for sharing her fantastic work with us.
Check out her website for more.


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