Introducing… La Mariée Bohème


La Mariée Bohème is a vintage and handmade rentals and event styling company in the greater Montreal area. They work with brides-to-be to create a unique and personalized wedding that their guests will never forget.

We asked head stylist Victoria Lafleur all about their approach to making weddings look amazing!


What first inspired you to start your business?
Wanting to start something for myself. I have always been creative and was looking for the right outlet for my ideas. I was tired of working the 9-5 cubicle job with no way to move up and always being criticized. I have always loved antiques and vintage pieces so I thought it would be the perfect fit. When I was young I would draw, collect, create scrapbooks and work with my dad on projects around the house. It’s in my blood!

What words best describe the kind of work you do?
Handmade, Vintage, Custom, Unique, Boho, Personalized, client friendly…

What are some of your favourite pieces and why?
I love all my inventory! Very proud of how many pieces we’ve accumulated over the years. But I really love my barn tables (made by my dad!)


Do you have any great tips that you’ve learned over your years in the business?
You get what you pay for! Its not always worth it to get a deal as you dont always know what the result will be. Sometimes you have to pay that extra little to make your special day what you envisioned it to be. Also, having a stylist or coordinator to help take care of decorating your event is a godsend. So many couples want to take on this challenge on their own and quickly realize how overwhelming it can become. Asking friends and family to help is not always the best hypnotics idea either. Leave it to the experts!


How far in advance of a wedding should couples contact you?
We should start working about 6 months in advance. We can add and remove items as we go along but its good to book early!

What do you find to be the biggest challenge/most difficult part of your job?
The most difficult part of my job would be balancing home life with work life. As I also work full time as a head designer I find that there are not enough hours in the day. Weeknights are filled with client meetings and deliveries and weekends are booked with wedding set-ups and take-downs. I have weddings from May to October almost every single weekend so its hard to have time to spend with my dogs, family and my better half. But as it slows down in winter I get to enjoy the snow, thankfully I enjoy it!


What happens if something gets damaged on the wedding day?
We are very comprehensive that a plate could break or a glass could chip. We charge three times the rental price but often because we are so understanding, we do not charge our clients. Mistakes happen!

How do you like to spend your time when you’re not creating your pieces?
I love the outdoors and spending time doing sports and activities. I walk my two dogs almost every night in some little woods near our house. I love running, kayaking, horseback riding, snowshoeing, biking, hiking, reading, wathcing movies and spending time with friends and family.

Finally, can you name five wedding vendors you recommend to clients?
Héra Mariages – Planner
Sonia Bourdon Photographie
Lalor Photography
ImagineJoy – Calligraphy
Susan Morales – Make-up

To check out more about La Mariée Bohème and their fantastic products please visit THEIR WEBSITE.
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