James Correia Photography - Wedding Photographer

LOCATION : Montreal
TELEPHONE : 5145164712
EMAIL : james.correia@gmail.com

I am a father to two pinch-worthy girls. Engineer. Scientist. Foodie. Geek. And of course, photographer.

As a wedding photographer in Montreal I like to blend photojournalistic storytelling with creative portraits. As much as I like creating eye-catching photos, ultimately, the power of photography is to tell a story and convey the emotions of a moment. I don’t want to just show how awesome you look, I want to show how awesome you ARE.

To me, the most powerful moments are unscripted and spontaneous. Interactions between you and your closest family and friends. Laughter, tears, embraces. Every emotion tells us more about who you are. That is what I aim to capture. Moments that will stand the test of time and allow you to relive that day.

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