Fabula Films - Wedding Cinematographer

LOCATION : Montreal
TELEPHONE : 5145741804
EMAIL : Patrick@FabulaFilms.com

Fabula Films is a Montreal-based wedding and event cinematography collective. We believe in artistic storytelling without scripting and do our best work creating wedding and event short films. The style is photojournalistic which means our team documents your day as it authentically unfolds versus directing the action. As cinematographers, we understand how to produce a compelling story through the right combination of sound, composition, lighting (with emphasis on natural light), and reading people’s emotions and signals well.

Our techniques are learned through experience and inspired by critically acclaimed movies. We want you to feel as if you are sitting in the theater. We aim to tell your story clearly by shooting more footage than many film studios. This also gives you choices in the length and film effects. The result? An original feature film or highlight reel worthy of a cinematic experience! And if we haven’t convinced you of our greatness, then this wedding trailer we put together just might do the trick.

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