Atelier Carmel - Wedding Florist

LOCATION : Montreal
TELEPHONE : 5149930041

The Atelier Carmel design philosophy is simple: our inspiration comes from nature, from all of its intriguing possibilities. Bringing this beauty in, appreciating its grace, its poetry, its fleeting nature and it’s imperfections is what we strive to do every day.

This translates into compositions that are authentic and organic, and just a bit wild. We embrace a flower’s natural personality, it’s movement and texture, to create arrangements that are layered and lush, with that elusive “just picked” look. We like our bouquets to speak of a place, a moment in time…

We focus on local and seasonal products, choosing from a wide variety of blooms and greens that are not commonly used in traditional floral design. Some plants proved so hard to find we’ve even started growing our own little garden of very special treasures. We also squeeze into our crazy summer schedule a weekly foraging “expedition” to search for the few buds, branches or vines that will finish off the look perfectly. We work closely with local growers who experiment and produce original varieties that are mostly ignored by mass markets, or too fragile to ship from overseas.

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