Steve Gerrard Photography

I’m a wedding photographer in Montreal specialising in creative, modern, fun wedding photography throughout Montreal and internationally.

My aim is to tell the story of the wedding day, capturing real moments in an artistic way.

I’ll capture those candid shots of your friends laughing, your parents getting emotional and, of course, the first kiss.

But I also LOVE creative portraits! I like to scope out great backgrounds, find the best light and capture some cool, epic, romantic, silly, happy, amazing shots!!

Originally from England where I was voted Best Wedding Photographer, my style is creative, relaxed and natural, capturing your day uniquely – no cliches, just unique images every time.

I’m also one of few wedding photographers that will stay throughout your evening reception – often til the very end – cos lots of great photo opportunities happen once your guests let their hair down on the dancefloor!

Sarah White Photography

My name is Sarah-Eve Leduc, I am a young photographer with a fascination of all the bigger or smaller happy moments in life.

What inspires me most ? Authenticity, love and passion ( seriously )! I could say that I am a hopeless romantic, and I think it is the reason why weddings sparkles me this much. I started by doing fashion shoots, then I worked for journals and events, which could explain my editorial and photo-journalistic approach in my photography.

I’m excited to meet you already, so grab your phone or keyboard and let me get to know you!

Studio Baron Photo

Thanks so much for taking a moment to pass by!

I’m all about getting to know my clients and finding out what makes them happy. What do you like? What are you hoping to see in your photos? My heart is in capturing REAL moments that life has generously offered us. Those moments are both big and small and both are worth treasuring.

I’m hoping that together we’ll create something that will make you happy. Let’s get to know each other and make that happen!


Adam Feldstain Photography

First and foremost, thank you for taking the time to learn about who I am and the work I do. I am the first to tell you I am not good at self promotion. Good thing, as your wedding day is not about me, it’s about you. By now I assume you have taken a bit of time to look at some of the images above and decided to keep reading.

There are a few things I would like to point out about Adam Feldstain photography that I feel set me apart; I tell your story through emotion, love and (sometimes unseen) magic moments. No two weddings are the same so my approach to every wedding is that I don’t have a preset “go to” approach! should you inquire further you will soon learn that every one of my commissioned collections include an album or an album credit towards a future album. I strongly believe that albums stand the test of time and technology. It’s important to me that the couples I am lucky enough to work with receive an heirloom to show their kids & grand kids for years to come.

So now I ask you: How will you remember your wedding? Will it be that first look, touch, feeling? The details, the decor or the smiles? However you choose to remember your story… I hope you let Adam Feldstain Photography be the one that tells it for you.

Thanks Again!

Blushing Bride Studio

Blushing Bride Studio is a group of incredibly enthusiastic professional photographers who love documenting weddings in a unique, ninja-like “non-obtrusive” way. We have fun with you on your big day, because we know just how stressful the lead-up to the big day can often be. We provide couples with great location ideas for portraits, we relax with you in the morning and capture your family and friends at their most crazy by night. BRING ON THE CRAZY! we say…We just love a good dance party, so show us what you’ve got!

Regular pricing is available online & we can arrange unique packages for your destination weddings/elopements.

Ashley MacPhee


I’m Ashley MacPhee. Thanks for stoppin’ by!

So I’ll get right to it.

The candid photos I take are my way of giving you the most important gift on your most important day. Images that allow you to relive moments. Moments you didn’t realize even happened. I excel at making sure my bride and groom feel totally at ease on their big day. The images I take show just that. Your unrestrained love, emotion and passion for each other.

Feel free to message me. I’d love to get to know your story.

Ella photography | Wedding & Boudoir

My goal is to show you through my lens, living the life that you own already, is amazing. That YOU are amazing.

I photograph people. I photograph love. I photograph beauty. The celebration of an amazing moment or even enjoying a simple day of fun with the family, inspires me. Makes me want to be a better person. I want to let everyone (especially girls and women) know that everyone can be beautiful. It’s not about your weight or the scars you wear, but about your attitude facing the world. Love, friendship, relationships, families, homes, kisses and hugs. Life…. That’s True Beauty. Not the result of a processed image on the cover of a magazine. That’s what I want to show by my photography. Sometimes we all need a little reminder that we ARE beautiful.

You’ll come to realize that you are everything, because you are real and you are honest with yourself and THAT makes you beautiful. You have it all already, I just capture it.

Prizma Productions

I am Vatché “Vick” Jabarian, a Montreal-based photographer, husband and father who is endlessly inspired by my beautiful family and the stunning imagery that surrounds us. For most of my life, I’ve felt compelled to create artistic representations of the meaningful moments I never wanted to forget. My father recognized this passion in me and first introduced me to photography when I was 10 years old. It was a perfect fit; I became the official family photographer for vacations, weddings and special events. Weddings always stood out among the birthdays and holidays. I loved being a part of such a momentous occasion, capturing the start of a journey with moments that will retell the story for years to come.

It was only natural that my love for photography and weddings would set the course for my future.

Now, not only do I get to spend my time capturing beautiful images, but I play an integral part in preserving the memories that are important to others. These rewarding experiences led me to a concept
which has resonated with me ever since. When light is reflected in a prism at exactly the right angle and time, it creates a rainbow; a fleeting image created by perfect conditions. I believe it is the job
of the photographer to not only capture these elusive images before they are gone, but to create an atmosphere for these moments to occur. With the right lighting, setting and timing, your memories aren’t just preserved; they’re transformed into thoughtful art that is both aesthetically pleasing and meaningful. This is the foundation on which Prizma Productions was built in 2003. With Montreal as a picturesque backdrop, it provides limitless locations for creative shots that are unique to you and reflect your individual style.

We only shoot a select amount of weddings every year to ensure that we can dedicate our full attention to every single detail of your wedding and make sure that you are fully satisfied with the end result.

We are available for all your local or destination events. Thank you for taking the time to get to know me! Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!

Emilie Olson Photography

Grown up in the country outside of Montreal, self-taught and regularly found in my office editing the catch of the day. I was exposed to the power of narrative earning my fancy degree in Contemporary Photography. Celebrating real life events with real people is what I chose to apply it to. Image making wasn’t always based on technical precision when I started and when I studied, the process was rough and showed my labour of love. That experimental edge still shows it’s face.

I approach every shoot with the mentality that anything can come out of it, that’s what helps me keep every session fresh. I’m all about meeting a wide range of people, travel, coffee and my craft.