With her modern designs that carry a timeless elegance, floral artist Carolina brings a welcomed, fresh perspective to the world of flora.

A former engineer and amateur singer, Carolina brings her appreciation for clean, bold lines, sculptural shapes and combines it with modern-day romance and joie-de-vivre that only flowers can express.

Whether it is carefully constructed and sophisticated monochromatic bouquet or bursts of dramatic twists to decorated tables, Carolina helps her client’s visions come true with the freshest, purest and longest-lasting flowers.

Que Passent Les SaisonS

(Version française ci-dessous)

« Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life! » This quote is the heart of our bussiness philosophy. 
Our main objective is to provide you with personalized services that we would love to receive.

We are grateful that our past and existing clients have given us the opportunity to design and create gorgeous floral arrangements for their big day. It is essential for us to establish a strong relationship of trust with our customers. We are attentive to the respective needs of each of our clients, and over the past five years these experiences have enabled us to realize dreams and create long-lasting memories.

Our creativity and attention to detail is reflected in each of our floral creations. We are passionate about the beauty in all things, simplicity or extravagant. We surpass ourselves in each of our projects. Your guests will be speechless with the overall beauty of your wedding day and it will certainly be above and beyond your own expectations.


Faites ce que vous aimez et vous ne travaillez pas un seul jour de votre vie! Cette phrase est au cœur de notre philosophie d’entreprise. Celle de vous offrir un service personnalisé comme nous aimerions le recevoir.

Il est primordial pour nous d’établir une relation de confiance avec nos clients. Nous vous sommes reconnaissant de nous avoir confié le soin de confectionner vos arrangements floraux pour ce grand jour important. Avoir été attentif aux besoins respectifs de chaque couple avec qui nous avons eu le plaisir de travailler au fil des 5 dernières années nous a permis de réaliser des rêves et de créer des souvenirs mémorables.

Notre créativité et le souci du détail se reflètent dans chacune de nos créations florales. Nous sommes passionné par la beauté en toute choses, en simplicité ou dans l’extravagance. Nous nous surpassons dans chacun de nos projets. Le résultat sera assurément au-delà de vos espérances.

Atelier Carmel

The Atelier Carmel design philosophy is simple: our inspiration comes from nature, from all of its intriguing possibilities. Bringing this beauty in, appreciating its grace, its poetry, its fleeting nature and it’s imperfections is what we strive to do every day.

This translates into compositions that are authentic and organic, and just a bit wild. We embrace a flower’s natural personality, it’s movement and texture, to create arrangements that are layered and lush, with that elusive “just picked” look. We like our bouquets to speak of a place, a moment in time…

We focus on local and seasonal products, choosing from a wide variety of blooms and greens that are not commonly used in traditional floral design. Some plants proved so hard to find we’ve even started growing our own little garden of very special treasures. We also squeeze into our crazy summer schedule a weekly foraging “expedition” to search for the few buds, branches or vines that will finish off the look perfectly. We work closely with local growers who experiment and produce original varieties that are mostly ignored by mass markets, or too fragile to ship from overseas.


Inspired by Nature.

Floralia offers flower arrangements custom made for weddings and events. Our flowers are locally grown, handpicked and naturally beautiful

To me, flowers are a passing pleasure that uplifts the heart; it’s no wonder that artists have been admiring them for centuries. When I work with flowers, my intention is to create the mood and visuals of a timeless memory, even if the moment only lasts for one day.


Astilbe is first and foremost a love story about flowers and a team of passionate florists. We are a contemporary studio that offers complete floral services and high quality products. We create unique floral bouquets and arrangements for all occasions, weddings, and events on the island of Montreal and north of the island. Our signature look is largely inspired by english gardens, the seasons, and vibrant colors.

Astilbe is a fresh alternative to traditional floristry. Local, Canadian, seasonal, and fair trade flowers are at the heart of our creations. During our growing seasons, we strive to use 100% local products to help support our local producers. Unfortunately with Quebec’s climate, we cannot use local flowers year round. Our solution is to find other Canadian growers or import from organic farms. Beyond fresh flowers, we also use these ethics in our workshop. We choose to not use products with chemicals or the non-biodegradable and toxic floral foam.

We also offer creative floral workshops for small groups, private parties, or corporate activities. Sharing our passion and our philosophy of flowers is one of our greatest pleasures.