DJ Shane Oliveira

Hello, my name is Shane Oliveira,

My belief is that all weddings are unique and different. Everyone does not want the same experience. Some want a more subtle approach and some want more over the top. Some would like animation and some want very little to none.

We understand this and encourage our clients to customize their weddings as much as possible. We will work with you to ensure your wedding is to your liking and as well personalised to your needs. We offer a ton of services however you will never feel pressured to take anything you are not interested in.

With a repertoire of over 50,000 songs, I am is flexible, animated, reliable and hardworking. I aim to make every event unique, memorable and, above all else, fun! So if its a DJ that gets all your guests off their seats and onto their feet, I am your guy!

Services offered:

TV’s & Projectors as well