Rachel & Kris’s wedding at Ristorante Beatrice

Ristorante Beatrice wedding photography

Ristorante Beatrice Wedding

Rachel & Kris describe their wedding as “romantic, simple and elegant,” and we couldn’t agree more. As you’ll see below, everything from the dress and styling to the locations and the decor was planned to perfection to create a wedding day that felt unique to the couple and left their guests with a day to remember.

We asked Rachel all about her and Kris’s vision for the day and what advice she has for any couple’s hoping to have their own dream wedding.

Wedding Date….

August 21, 2021

The Proposal….

Kris proposed on February 1, 2020 (our anniversary). Kris had planned it very strategically even though I had thought he had forgotten about our anniversary completely! 

I woke up the morning of February 1st and gave Kris my gift to him and he had said when I got back from a baby shower I was attending I would open my gift before our planned dinner. In my head, this meant he needed to run to the store while I was out to buy something! However, in his head, this meant time to prepare his proposal and knew I would be dressed up from the baby shower and would come home ready!

When I got home from the shower, I walked into our kitchen where there were rose petals on the counter, a bouquet of flowers and a gift bag. In the bag was a book that Kris had made online about our love story. As I read through the book and I got to the last page, I was in complete shock that Kris was asking me to marry him. I turned around and he had the ring in the box and said, “will you marry me?” Completely shocked, crying and shaking I said yes, we walked over to our dining room where the table there was covered in rose petals, candles, and a bottle of champagne for us to celebrate!

We spent the next hour or so digesting everything, calling friends and our immediate families joined us at our house to have a glass of champagne. We then went to La Bremner for dinner which was our go-to spot in Montreal and had a beautiful dinner there and friends and family joined us for drinks after.

Bridal prep photos at Four Seasons Hotel in Montreal

The Vision for the Day….

I think like many girls we always dream of our “perfect wedding day” from a young age. This was no different for me. Kris and I have very similar tastes when it comes to décor and vibe so the vision for the day came quite easy. We knew what was important to us and we stuck to those key elements. We chose to get married at Ristorante Beatrice because their restaurant is stunning and romantic as is. As we discussed the key elements being food, vibe, and keeping it intimate the vision began to come together. 

Bridal prep photography in Montreal

The Planning Process….

We did not hesitate to reach out to some of the vendors right away to lock down our date. Once we had our key players locked in (venue, planner, music, photographer, and flowers) we knew we were well on our way, or so we thought! We were then hit with the pandemic, although shocked we didn’t panic as we thought in our heads, we have 18 months for everything to work itself out. Kris and I continued getting organized with our vision, wedding parties, dress shopping, tuxedo fitting, rentals, engagement photoshoot, etc. As we all know the pandemic did not go away as planned and fast forward to our wedding year and panic starts to set in. Nevertheless, we were able to still move forward with the planning as we knew we would make the best of the situation. We sent out our wedding invites with hopes that all guests would be able to come. We then started to meet more frequently with our wedding planner to ensure our vision would come to play on our day. As the day approached Kris and I knew that what was important to us was getting married and whether that was in front of all our guests or not we were going to make it happen. Fortunately for us, we had a small guest list and the day was exactly how we had envisioned.

Bride & Bridesmaids get ready at Four Seasons Hotel

Ristorante Beatrice Wedding Venue…

Ristorante Beatrice is an amazing restaurant and venue for weddings here in Montreal. Their food is to die for, their hospitality is amazing and their restaurant itself is stunning. For us, this spot was a no-brainer. It is one of our favorite restaurants in the city and the vibe was exactly what we wanted. A lot of greenery, airy, intimate, and romantic.

Ristorante Beatrice wedding decor

Finding the Dress….

As previously mentioned, this was definitely a different experience given covid however it was one I will never forget. I went to 3 different wedding boutiques in Montreal with my sister (Maid of Honor) and my mother. I tried on around 50 dresses in all different styles, and I felt like I was living the dream I always dreamt of since I was a little girl. I was between two dresses in the end and when I put the one I chose on one last time before saying ‘yes’ it just felt so right! Although it was a style none of my bridesmaids would have guessed, it was exactly what I wanted and it fit our romantic & timeless visions of our wedding day.

Ellegant bride at Four Seasons Hotel

Groom’s Attire…

Kris had his tuxedo made by Nathan Kong who is one of the best high-end tailored suits & tuxedo designers in Montreal. Kris knew what look he wanted from the beginning (dark blue tuxedo jacket with black lapels and black pants), he met with Nathan to choose his fabrics and then Nathan made it happen. As for Kris’s groomsmen, they were asked to wear black tuxedos which many had of their own and if they did not, they rented from Waxman’s here in Montreal.

The groom gets ready in Montreal

The Readings + Music….

Our wedding was not a traditional wedding, we did not have any readings throughout the ceremony, and did not get married in a church however our brother-in-law married us which made it very special to us! 

As for music, it was a no-brainer for us our DJ and band were both handpicked from previous weddings/events we had been to and were blown away by their performances. DJ COCO was outstanding and kept the vibe going the entire night. The Windermere’s were amazing throughout the arrival of our guests, cocktail, as well as performing our first dance song!

Wedding ceremony at Ristorante Beatrice

The Flowers…

For flowers, we went with Westmount as we knew they would get our vision of romantic and simple with ease. I met with their design team and quickly put together exactly what I had envisioned. The process was quick, simple, and mindless. Their work and expertise are ones I could never appreciate enough!

Bride & Groom portraits in Montreal

The Cake…

We opted not to do a formal wedding cake as it wasn’t something that interested Kris and I. Instead, we had a beautiful sweets table done by Beatrice and each guest was served our favorite cake that is on their menu the salted caramel ice cream cake with caramel popcorn!

Ristorante Beatrice Wedding Photos

Your Photographer….

Choosing our photographer was actually quite simple for us! We had met Steve at some of our friends’ weddings and Kris had the opportunity to work with Steve since he was a groomsman. After hearing their feedback about how easy and fun he was to work with and seeing his skills through our friends’ photos it was a no-brainer. From day one Steve was easy to communicate with, gave us his opinion and was very upfront about what to expect. We were hesitant about doing an engagement shoot, but Steve had highly recommended it to get used to being in front of the camera, holding each other and looking natural! Boy was he right, our engagement photo shoot was an amazing experience, and we learnt a lot from it. On our wedding day, we had Steve and one of his close friends Ashley help shoot the wedding and the two of them together surpassed all of our expectations! We had so much fun taking our photos with them even in the blistering heat (+40 C)! I could not recommend Steve enough, and we hope to use him in the future ☺

Bride & Groom at Ristorante Beatrice

The Honeymoon….

Due to Covid, we have not done our honeymoon yet, that said we are planning to hopefully go to Italy (Amalfi Coast) once it is safer to travel!

Most Memorable Moments…

There are definitely quite a few but we would say the top ones are all of the ‘first looks’ between Kris and me, and my father and I. Also, our first dance with the band singing our song live was special.

Bride & Groom's First look at Four Seasons Hotel in Montreal

Advice for Other Couples…

I would say our biggest advice is don’t sweat the small things, on the day of the wedding everyone is there for you and won’t know any differently if there is a missing candle somewhere! Also, take a step back and take everything in, the day passes by SO fast.

Thanks a lot to Rachel + Kris for sharing their day with us. We wish them a long and happy future together.

Vendor/Supplier List

Photographer: Steve Gerrard: https://stevegerrard.com 

Venue: Ristorante Beatrice: https://beatriceristorante.com 

Planner: Samantha Ozbalt (Eastwood Events): https://eastwoodevents.ca 

Florist: Westmount Florist: https://www.westmountflorist.com 

Rentals: Celebrations Group: https://www.celebrationsgroup.com 

Stationary: Cow Goes Moo & Made.It: https://cowgoesmoo.com & https://www.instagram.com/9made.it/?hl=en 

DJ/Music: DJ COCO (Corey Cohen) & Windermere Music: https://www.instagram.com/djcoco/?hl=en  & https://www.instagram.com/windermere_music/?hl=en 

Stay: Four Seasons Montreal: https://www.fourseasons.com/montreal/ 

Hair: Salon Augustin (Gibsyn): https://salonaugustin.com 

Make up: Ally Zwonok: http://azbeautycouture.com 

Dress/ Tuxedo: Boutique J’Adore & Nathan Kong: https://boutiquejadore.com & https://www.nathonkong.com 

Documentary wedding photography at Ristorante Beatrice
Ristorante Beatrice wedding photography
Wedding reception at Ristorante Beatrice

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