Photo of the Day by Ashley MacPhee


One of the true skills of a good wedding photographer is anticipating the action and making sure you’re in the perfect spot to capture moments as they happen. We feel this photo by Montreal wedding photographer Ashley MacPhee is a perfect example of that.

Here’s what Ashley has to say about her image..

“Anne and Jeremie are a couple that motivate everyone around them to love life and enjoy every second. The entire day they were not focused on themselves (even though the day WAS about them). Rather, their interest was directed towards family, friends and even me – their photographer making sure we were well fed, well ‘watered’ and most importantly- having fun.

I stayed long after my work was done so that I could put my camera down and party with them….at their request of course. People like these two are what it’s all about. Making connections that last long after the wedding day is over.”

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