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Montreal Wedding Photographers’ Favourite Photos of 2017

Best Montreal Wedding Photography
Photo – Steve Gerrard Photography

We are excited to share with you some of Montreal wedding photographers’ favourite photos from the past 12 months. The city has some of the best wedding photographers around. Award-winning, creative, talented photographers, each with a very individual style and their own viewpoint on telling the story of a wedding day.

It’s a cliche to say that the wedding photos will be the only thing you have left once the wedding day is over. It’s not really true either. You’ll have each other, you’ll have some nice new rings and you’ll have the memories. But memories fade over the years and your wedding photos will be something that increases in value as the years pass by.

Every couple is different and every wedding is unique. Maybe you’re looking for a wedding photographer that will make you look like a model in every picture. You might be looking for someone who is skilled at taking beautiful photographs of you and your family that will be framed on the wall. A growing trend is for a very relaxed approach to photography where the photographer spends the day documenting moments in a natural yet artistic way rather than directing and staging photos. This is often an area where wedding photographers can really show their skills behind a camera, capturing moments from a wedding creatively without telling people where to stand or what to do.

Your wedding photos should bring back not just the memories of your wedding day, but also the emotions and the uniqueness of the event. A good wedding photographer will deliver a set of images that will transport you back in time every time you look through your wedding photos.

Here at MTL Wedding Blog, we are always on the lookout for wedding photography that stops us in our tracks. It may be an epic portrait of a bride and groom or it may be an image filled with genuine emotion. Sometimes it’s something hilarious that a photographer was able to capture in amongst the craziness of a wedding day.

We asked a selection of Montreal’s best wedding photographers to share one photo from the past year that they really love. The photos that came back are as varied and unique as the photographers themselves.


Steve Gerrard

Steve Gerrard – Instagram

Steve is a Brit who moved to Montreal in 2014 and has been shooting weddings all over the world for over ten years. He was voted Best Wedding Photographer by the readers of Perfect Wedding magazine and says his style is “style is modern, creative, relaxed and natural – no cliches, just unique images every time.”

“This photo was from Helen & Marcus’ wedding in October and I love how happy and relaxed they both look in the picture. It also shows off the tipi and lights that they had for their wedding reception. The sun hadn’t long gone down so there was still that blue glow in the sky behind them, which I love. Their wedding was exactly the kind of wedding I love to photograph – relaxed, stylish and so much fun. It was all about having an amazing day with their favourite people and I loved documenting it all for them”

Steve Gerrard Photography


Avant Garde Studio

Avant Garde Studio – Instagram

Adeline is an award-winning documentary photographer from Avant Garde Studio based in Montreal and captures life events around the world.

“I share a couple photo that I love and mostly because of my subjects. A beautiful couple, just married, in love and very tender to each other. This moment was captured during their photo session right after the ceremony, a moment of happiness, excitement and complicity they shared together.

The bride wore a beautiful long veil and the wind was so friendly on that day 🙂 I couldn’t resist when I saw the flying movement of the veil. Finally, but not less important, I absolutely love black and white photography!!!”

Avant Garde Studio


Prizma Productions

Prizma Productions – Instagram

Prizma Productions is run by Vatche “Vick” Jabarian, a Montreal-based wedding photographer, husband and father who says he is “endlessly inspired by my beautiful family and the stunning imagery that surrounds us. For most of my life, I’ve felt compelled to create artistic representations of the meaningful moments I never wanted to forget.”

“I like this picture especially in black and white, cause it’s in the moment and the couple is enjoying a quiet moment, with a genuine smile, approaching each other, full of love.”

Prizma Productions


James Correia

James Correia – Instagram

James tells us that, for him, from the very start weddings have meant something different to him. “It wasn’t about the grandiose events, the pretty details, or the elaborate parties. It was always about emotions. Weddings are bursting at the seams with raw emotions. Laughter, tears of joy, unrestrained energy. These are the photos you will cherish. Not epic posed shot. That’s why I love photographing weddings. That’s why I feel every wedding is different and a new experience.

This photo might not mean much to someone who wasn’t at this wedding, but it means everything to those who were. This ceremony within the trees was full of tears from start to finish. Not just the bride, but every guest in the intimate 40 person crowd. This single tear, spotlit through the surrounding leaves, represented it all.”

James Correia


Emilie Olson

Emilie Olson – Instagram

Emilie is a Montreal based wedding, lifestyle and event photographer, which she explains, “translates to real people and important days in their lives. I would hope my couples remember the day through their photos with the same intensity that they remember thinking back on it; with the addition of some unique surprises. My greatest love for the work is what we catch unexpectedly. Almost every one of my favourite photos is unplanned. The brilliance is in the details, you simply can’t plan for them all.

This is one of the reasons I love this particular photo. It happened quickly, after wrapping up a session in the room. Before leaving I suggested where the couple stand and the outcome is not what any of us expected. Occasionally ideas don’t pan out, but in many cases they do – so, we always need to play and experiment as photographers.”

Emilie Olson


Studio Baron

Studio Baron – Instagram

Valerie Baron has been a Montreal wedding photographer for nearly 10 years. “I am so lucky that I get to do what I love with people that become more than clients, they become friends and lifelong connections. I have been privileged to capture so many special days and see people grow into families and create a future that’s right for them. I’ll admit I’m a romantic and can still be caught crying while shooting (don’t worry, there’s autofocus, LOL). It really all comes down to caring about the people that invite me into their lives to capture one of the biggest moments and for that, I say thank you.

It was nearly impossible for me to choose my favourite image, so I chose one that I love and that makes me feel great, especially on this cold winter day. For me, this photo is universal. It could be anyone, and so easy to picture yourself on that sunny afternoon, barefoot allergy with your shoes tossed aside, just married with your wedding rings glinting in the sunlight, your toes in the soft green grass and the water shimmering behind you. It gives me the feels as I look at it and imagine all the times she goes on her tiptoes to reach up to the man she loves. This photo for me is also lovely because it represents so much of how I photograph. I find the little moments, the details and make capture allow them to reveal the special moment that’s happening in an elegant way.”

Studio Baron


Brent Calis

Brent Calis – Instagram

Brent describes himself as a Montréal-based Canadian photographer/ opera singer/ salsa dance fanatic that tries to convey his passion, creativity and energy through every picture he takes. “I combine my background in the performing arts with photography, creating modern, heartwarming and inspiring portraits of life, love and leisure. My goal is to create something that your children can look at when they are older. Their children’s children, and even further down the line.”

He tells us he almost didn’t take this photo! “Most of my best work are those kinds of shots where I put my camera to my face and take a shot just cuz. Not because I should… but because it’s a moment where people are concentrating on something different than being in a photo. They are focused on getting across the street.”

Brent Calis


Yannick Khong

Yannick Khong – Instagram

Yannick explains, “I enjoy making cinematic shots that stand the test of time captured in a situation where obsessive technical and artistic research are blended with a dose of “why not” risk.

This photograph remains one of my favourites of the year. I remember that wedding to be the prettiest I’ve shot. The entire day went very well, all the important shots were done and done in the box. After enjoying a few party snaps with the clients. I took a walk to enjoy the success of my day and saw the opportunity to shoot a long exposure of the vineyard as a final conclusion shot to end the album on. After marvelling at the results, I ran back to the couple and asked them to stand still for a few seconds. All agreed it was worth it.”

Yannick Khong


Genero Photo

Genero Photo – Instagram

Marie-Christine Genero tells us that “coming from a medical background (I used to be a neurology technologist), I really enjoy spending time with people. Different kinds of people. And I love adapting the way I interact with them based on their personality, what they are going through, etc.

When I decided to change careers and become a photographer, I knew weddings were the perfect niche for me. It involved spending full days when an array of people: from the emotional dad to the stressed-out bride, and even crazy partying guests! Client connection is, to me, the most important aspect of my job. I always remind my potential couples that they need to feel as if I am their friend, hanging out with them, but with the mandate of documenting one of the most important days of their lives. Having this close relationship will allow them to feel more comfortable in front of the camera, and will also keep my excitement and motivation to work up and running. The long, hard, 10-12 hour days are oh-so-worth-it when I am able to go home after giving the couple a big (yet sweaty) hug goodbye.”

Genero Photo


Tim Chin

Tim Chin – Instagram

Tim describes himself as a husband, a father and a photographer. “I am a collector of moments,” he says.

“While the bulk of my work is photographing weddings, my favourite images of this past year come from our family trip out east to Newfoundland. I believe when we make photographs, they return us back to those places, experiences, feelings and people. They remind us of who we were at that time and can give us hints of who we will be. They become our time machines.

This image was made at Cape Spear, the easternmost point in North America. This was towards the end of our two-week tour of the Island, and as we were descending to leave, the light came out to illuminate the boardwalk pathway down, and the textures of the landscape. My family are my most important people, and much of my understanding of life comes from watching my kids put one foot in front of the other. This image brings me back to our adventures together but also excites me for the adventures to come.”

Tim Chin


Isabella Rosa

Isabella Rosa – Instagram

Isabella is a well-known wedding and portrait photographer and, in the past, worked under the brand Ella Photography.

“I’m a photographer just like everyone else on this list. I’m a traveller and love to go on adventures with my couples to capture the emotion and the “behind-the-scenes” of people’s lives.

Life…. to me… is True Beauty. That’s what I want to show by my photography. I’ve never worked with models… only with people that were very uncomfortable in front of the camera, just like you. My goal is to show you, with my camera, that the life that you own every day, is already amazing. You don’t need to change anything at all.

This photo is one of my favourites from 2017. We were rushing through a VERY hectic wedding day in Italy and we got star struck (quite literally) by this unbelievable sunset by the beach. It was a good reminder that it’s important to STOP and appreciate the little things… especially on days like your wedding!”

Isabella Rosa


Maurizio Solis

Maurizio Solis – Instagram

Maurizio is a Mexican photographer who grew up surrounded by colours, joy, music, passion and salsa dancing. He understands deep connections and makes colourful images out of them.

“This photo from Suha and Sean´s wedding shows my style, bold and surreal. I love it because there is an unknown story behind it and it makes the viewer think. They love it because they look amazing and it’s like no other wedding photo they’ve ever seen.”

Maurizio Solis


Ashley MacPhee

Ashley MacPhee – Instagram

Ashley says of her photo, “Deepti and Scott were hoping for sunshine on their wedding day and chose the Forest & Stream Club to provide the perfect backdrop. Only, rain was imminent. Lots of it!

Still wanting an outdoor ceremony, they rented a beautiful tent. I wanted to make sure we made it special so while all their guests were inside eating away I took them to the tent to get some photos inside. What makes this moment extra special is I asked them what their wedding song was, put it on my phone and here you see them having their first dance together as husband and wife. After their wedding day, Deepti told me that this was her favorite moment of the entire day. And because of that, it’s mine too.”


Thanks to all the photographers for their stunning images.

If you’re searching for a wedding photographer, we suggest taking your time to find one that is going to give you photographs you’ll treasure for a lifetime and document your wedding day in a style that reflects you as a couple.

With wedding photography, there are no re-shoots!

Best Wedding Photography in Montreal

Introducing… Chelsea Dawn Chawsky Hair & Make-Up


Chelsea Dawn Chawsky‘s tag line for her business says it all… “Locks To Lashes”.

But whether you’re looking for perfect hair or beautiful make-up, or both, how do you really know who to choose for your wedding day?

We caught up with Chelsea to find out more about how she works with brides in Montreal and beyond….


What first inspired you to start your business?

I’ve always been into hair and makeup. Giving myself at-home highlights before I really understood what bleaching was.. hah. Growing up I never thought much about making a career of it but they say do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. This is SO true. Making people feel great about themselves is such a rewarding feeling. While I was working at MAC Cosmetics, I realized how much of a need it was for brides to have someone come to their hotel or home to get them ready for their big day. Since I was already a trained hairstylist I decided to start offering my services in both hair and makeup. The response was great. Being able to have all services done in the comfort of your home or hotel was a big one for brides-to-be. Weddings can be overwhelming enough so this just seemed right.

What words best describe the kind of work you do?

Beauty makeup and updo’s. I specialize in Bridal and Special occasions but I love experimenting so I’ve tested out special effect, film and fashion shows and photo shoots. The beauty about this industry is you are constantly learning and taking your skills to the next level.

What ways can brides give you an idea of the look they’re hoping for on their wedding day?

The wonderful world of Pinterest is a go-to for all my brides. There are endless amounts of photos to go through. A lot of the time we’ll take an idea from a picture and customize it a little to make each bride unique for their wedding day.


What’s your advice for brides who are wondering about what looks to go for on the big day?

I get asked this one a lot. My biggest advice would be to be yourself. If you’re not someone who wears a lot of makeup normally. Don’t feel like you have to wear bright red lips and crazy amounts of face makeup. The idea is to enhance not transform. Go a little bolder than your everyday. It is your wedding after all. I also take into consideration the time of year. For example, if its fall, it’s nice to incorporate tones that compliment the season.
For hair , this usually depends on the style of your dress. If you have a beautifully detailed high neck dress I always suggest having the hair all up or at least to the side. This way you can show off all the detail. Weather also is a huge factor. Montreal summers can get pretty humid so having the hair all up might be better. The style will hold really well and you won’t over heat.

What are the most popular brands you work with at the moment and which are your personal favourites?

MAC, Kat Von D, Makeup Forever , Too Faced and Urban Decay to name a few.
My personal faves would be Laura Mercier face primer, Urban Decay’s De-slick setting spray and Kat Von D’s “Shade & Light” contour kit


Do you have any great tips that you’ve learned over your years in the business?

Blending brushes and Dry shampoo are your best friends. You always want to have your makeup nicely blended to get that air brush feel.
Dry shampoo is my absolute favorite secret weapon. I use this on everyone , clean or dirty hair . This really helps give the hair a bit of texture so it will hold the hairstyle much better.

How far in advance of a wedding should couples contact you?

The earlier the better. Especially if your wedding date falls on a popular long weekend. Those fill up the fastest.

Any funny stories you can share?

I once had this amazing wedding party who started doing shots of Fireball Whiskey at 8:30am every time the song “Fireball” came on. It was such a funny fun atmosphere to be in. I’d say most of my wedding parties are so much fun to be around. It’s such a happy day you can’t help but feel the great energy.


How do you like to spend your time when you’re not making people look amazing?

Relaxing at an outdoor spa, spending time with friends and family .

Can you name five wedding vendors you recommend to clients?

This is a hard one, there are so many amazing vendors but here are some of my faves!
Lavish Events for wedding planning
O.xide Design for flowers
Jennifer Pontarelli wedding photographer
Rustique Pies . simply delicious !
Creative Perspectives wedding photographer

Big thanks to Chelsea for chatting with us and sharing some wise words.

For more on her services check out

Chelsea logo 1200 px

Introducing…. Luisa Galuppo Cakes


Luisa Galuppo‘s career in the art of pastry began several years ago studying the French classics. After graduating she worked in various hotels and pastry shops in the Montreal area, most notably as a chocolatière for the celebrated Les Chocolats de Chloé.

Through it all there was one avenue she had yet to discover and was always drawn to, wedding cakes! Her creative interests led her to The Bonnie Gordon School of Confectionary Arts and an internship with acclaimed Toronto cake designer Allyson Meredith.

Having always been passionate about baking she is now able to combine her love of pastry with her love of art and design! From elegant weddings to whimsical birthdays; it is both her goal and pleasure to create delicious, memorable cakes!

This year her cakes were voted amongst the best in Canada on popular blog WeddingBelles.

We caught up Luisa to quiz her about her successful business….

What first inspired you to start your business?

Having gone to culinary school and worked in pastry for many years I have always had a love for desserts. While working as a chocolatier my mom bought me a copy of “Martha Stewart’s Wedding Cakes” and I was “bit by the bug” so to speak. Wedding cakes had always intrigued me and I knew one day I wanted to try my hand at them. I immediately enrolled in a cake decorating workshop and the rest is history. Thanks to my family’s encouragement and help I started Luisa Galuppo Cakes in 2009 and have happily been making cakes ever since 🙂

What words best describe the kind of cakes you make?

I think my cake style is definitely very clean, elegant and timeless. I believe a couple should look back years after their wedding and still love their cake. This is also why I don’t typically let trends influence my design style.

Can you tell us about any designs that you particularly enjoyed making?

I have really loved all the cakes I’ve had the opportunity to make. A design that is always very close to my heart is any that features sugar flowers! Honestly I’m a little obsessed with them 😉

What’s your advice for couples who are looking for their perfect wedding cake?

I think the first antidepressants step towards a couple’s perfect cake is finding the right person to make it. They should connect with both the style and personality of the cake designer they choose to work with. Whether it is myself, or one of my talented fellow designers, a couple should trust their cake decorator. In my experience the best cakes are always a result of a couple having faith in your skills and giving you some creative liberty (while still respecting their vision). In my experience that has always yielded the best cake and happiest couples 🙂

Photo credit – Steve Gerrard

How far in advance of a wedding should couples contact you?

Due to the intricacy of the cakes I make I only commit to a few per weekend depending on their design and size. For this reason I always advise couples to reserve their wedding dates at least 6-9 months in advance. My philosophy is quality over quantity and it is very important that every cake I make gets 100% of my attention.

What do you find to be the biggest challenge/most difficult part of your job?

Aside from delivering cakes (that part never gets easy, lol) I’d say the most stressful part is the stakes attached to a wedding cake. This is the biggest day in a couples life and likely the only wedding cake they will ever have…that’s a big responsibility! With that stress also comes a great sense of honor to be a part of their special day so I guess it even’s itself out 😉

How do you like to spend your time when you’re not in the kitchen?

Given the nature of what I do staying physically active is a must! All cake all the time can really catch up to you if you don’t 😉 I’m very close with my family and I spend a lot of time with them. My husband and I love to travel so in the off season we take a lot of trips. Funny thing, when I’m not in the kitchen for work you’ll usually find me in the kitchen baking for fun 🙂

Thanks to Luisa for sharing her thoughts with MTL Wedding Blog. We wish her all the best for a successful 2016.

Introducing…. Ella Photography


Isabella Rosa has established herself as one of the finest wedding photographers in the Montreal area with her successful business, under the name Ella Photography.

In her own words “the celebration of an amazing moment or even enjoying a simple day of fun with the family, inspires me. Makes me want to be a better person.”

We caught up with Isabella to find out more about how she sees the world through her camera…


How do you prepare for a shoot or a wedding?

I send all my bride and grooms a booklet (which I wrote) to help them prepare for their wedding day. It makes it easier for them to plan their wedding day if they are really looking to get the best of their photos. A few weeks before their wedding, I send them a form to fill out so that I know where/when everything is happening as well as a little bit about their family and timeline. As a wedding photographer , I try to help as much as I can since I know that, for my couples, it’s most likely their first wedding (and not mine)


Do you shoot film, digital or both?

Professionally, I shoot digital. It’s easier to deliver to clients and I get to give them MORE! On personal events, I shoot film 🙂


What are your favourite places to shoot in the Montreal area?

My favourite park at sunset is Maisonneuve. The sun is always beautiful there for some reason. I like it when clients get creative and suggest places I’ve never been before. Montreal has plenty of secret amazing spots.


Your advice for couples who are looking for their perfect wedding photographer?

Meet them! Make sure that you connect with their personality and they make you feel good. Your wedding photographer is the only person that you will be “stuck” with them all day. It’s important that you like them. If you hire a photographer that you never met and then you realize, “Oh man, I really can’t stand this guy” you’ll have a terrible day. No matter how wonderful everything else is. Also, have an engagement session. Another way to get to know them EVEN BETTER.


One thing you’d like every bride and groom to know before their wedding?

The location of your wedding day has a lot to do with how your photos will turn out. Make sure that you book a venue that reflects the style of photography that you want. For example, if you love my style, which is bright and happy and then, you book a location that’s grungy and dark.. the photos that I produce won’t have the same “feel” that you fell in love with. Unfortunately, we are not magicians. We all have our style but we are documenters first. We will photograph your day AS IT IS.. we can’t make it look like something that it is not.


What really gets to you at weddings? Makes you emotional? Makes you laugh?

Ahhhh, people who speak how they truly feel regardless if there’s hundred of people watching. It’s awesome. Gets me every time. You cry at your wedding.. I probably will cry with you.


What do you find to be the biggest challenge/most difficult part of being a wedding photographer?

Wedding photography has been proven to be the most difficult industry because we never know what will happen before it actually happens. We are trained to deal with any lighting situation, any incident, any weather, and crowd control if needed. Not many photographers can do what we can do. For best results on your wedding day, you need to find a photographer that’s specializes in weddings. I think the most “difficult” part could be that not a lot of people still realize how hard we must work to be able to give our couples the best photos possible. But we love it regardless.


How far in advance of their wedding should couples contact a wedding photographer?

Ohhh a full year at least. I’m getting inquiries for 2017 already.


Where do you want to shoot next?

Greece or Ireland would be awesome!!


How do you like to spend your time when you aren’t shooting weddings?

I have a few personal photography projects here and there to keep me WAY too busy. I’m currently in the process of writing 2 more guides for couples and I also have a Marketing & Design business and blog where I give consultations for small businesses on how to brand themselves and grow. I also photograph a lot of BOUDOIR and LIFESTYLE (families and portraits) and have a podcast that I record.


Can you name five wedding vendors you recommend to clients?


Hello, I Make Films are awesome at what they do : They shoot videos
Uptown Xpress is a DJ
A Gorgeous Fete (Maxine Bertrand) is a planner
O.xide design does flowers
Janet Persaud does Makeup

Thanks a lot to Isabella for sharing her fantastic work with us.
Check out her website for more.


Introducing….. VillaView Cinema


We’re always on the look out for new talent in all areas of the wedding industry. So we were excited to stumble across the beautiful work of VillaView Cinema. Wedding videography has moved forward so much over the past few years. New cameras and editing techniques have mixed with genuine creativity and vision.

VillaView Cinema is a video production company based out of Montreal, Quebec. Their style is very relaxed and they are masters at storytelling. Check out some of their work below and you’ll see their videos look more like movies than your traditional wedding film.

Evelyn + Steve // A VillaView Cinema Wedding Trailer from VillaView Cinema on Vimeo.

We caught up with James from the company to find out more about VillaView….

1. When did VillaView first begin shooting weddings?

We shot our first wedding video in 2009, not having ever seen one before. A friend had seen our commercial work and asked us if she could hire us for her wedding. We quickly explained that we had zero experience shooting weddings but she was very much convinced that we were the right people for her. We instantly fell in love with the challenge of telling a non-fiction story through documentary filmmaking but with the style of a feature film. To this day, we are still so grateful she gave us that opportunity.

2. What were your aspirations for the company when you began?

We wanted to be known as a company that puts its heart and soul into each and every film. Our goal isn’t to drastically increase the amount of projects we work on, but rather to improve drastically on each and every project we work on. We’re more of a boutique company; Mark and I own the company, we both meet with our couples, shoot the weddings and do the editing. We don’t show our couples a video we made and then send someone random to their wedding. Once you meet with us, you deal with Mark and I throughout the entire process. It’s the type of personal, quality over quantity, company we’ve aspired to be since the beginning.

3. How would you sum up your style?

Whenever we have new couples contact us about shooting their wedding, the first thing they tend to mention is that they love how real our videos feel. We always love to hear that because it’s exactly what we’re striving for. We look for natural, candid moments and let everything unfold naturally. Each wedding is different not only because the décor or location, but because every couple is unique. We look to translate that in the films we create so that it feels authentic to each couple. The biggest compliment we get is when a bridesmaid, for example, looks to the bride while watching the film and says “that’s so you”.

Ashley + Rob // A VillaView Cinema Wedding Trailer from VillaView Cinema on Vimeo.

4. What challenges do you usually face during a wedding day?

A wedding day can move quickly and the moments can pass equally as fast. We’re about capturing those moments and our experience has led to overcome this challenge by being pro-active as opposed to re-active. We know when people are going to stand up to potentially block an angle, the best place to be during a first look, or the best moments to capture the mother of the bride’s reaction. It also means that we’ve had to be quick as well, and the equipment we’ve chosen to use has been selected in large part based on that criteria. All our gear is lightweight, compact, and delivers a high quality HD image in a wide array of lighting scenarios. Our approach is to “be quick but never rush”. We own a crane but it isn’t something we frequently use on weddings because it’s quite large and cumbersome. We would rather focus on capturing those candid moments and emotions, the things we feel are what make a wedding day special.

5. Are there any film makers who inspire you?

We’re big fans of the people over at Stillmotion, as well as the filmmaker Joe Simon. We love that they’ve helped change the way people think of wedding videos now. They’re extremely talented filmmakers, and we’re constantly inspired by their work.

I’d have to say our biggest inspiration however, comes from everyone and anyone who shows a passion for their art form or craft. We meet a lot of photographers and cinematographers and the conversations are always inspiring. Everyone’s always excited to share a new trick they’ve discovered or talk about a new lens that came out. It’s a passionate community and that passion is contagious.

6. What can brides do to help you to capture their wedding day in the best possible way?

The best thing a couple can do to help us capture their wedding day is to simply relax, have fun, and be themselves. If one wedding is wild and all about partying, then we create a film that will reflect that. Likewise, if another wedding is smaller and all the about the sentimental, intimate moments, then that couples film will feel reflect that as well. The more comfortable and relaxed our couples are, the more they tend to be themselves, and that leads to a stronger film that speaks to who they are and what their wedding day was about.

7. Got any funny stories from weddings you’ve covered?

We once had a couple whose limo broke down while we were out shooting photo location and we ended up having the bride in the passenger seat of our truck, while the groom and I sat in the truck bed going from spot to spot. The couple thought it was hilarious and loved the whole experience. People were honking at us and opening their windows at red lights to talk, it was a lot of fun.

Lauren + Matthew // A VillaView Cinema Wedding Trailer from VillaView Cinema on Vimeo.

8. How early do couples need to think about booking their videographer?

Depending on the popularity of their date, as early as 12-18 months before their wedding.

9. Where can we find you online?

Our Facebook page: VillaView Cinema & our website

10. From a cinematography perspective, what is your favorite movie?

We’re both big fans of Darren Aronofsky’s films and the way he puts story first. The cinematography in his films isn’t about having an extremely high production value, but about shooting in a way that fleshes out the emotion and feeling of the story. His film “The Wrestler” for example, was lit almost entirely using natural light and a handheld camera rig, the result is a film that feels extremely real and personal. They used a similar approach for many instances on the film “Interstellar” as well, especially the moments that took place on Earth, and the film has an organic feel to it as a result. Hoyte Van Hoytema was the cinematographer on that film and his philosophy goes hand in hand with our approach to shooting a wedding. He said “I would rather get something that’s less perfect but more real”.

Wise words. Thanks to the boys from VillaView for sharing their beautiful work with MTL Wedding Blog. Check out their website for more clips.