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Best Wedding Venues in Montreal – *Updated for 2024*

Best Wedding Venues Montreal

How do you judge which are the best wedding venues in Montreal?

Each person’s taste will differ. Each couple’s requirements can be far different from the next.

So, we decided to ask the people most familiar with wedding venues – wedding vendors. In fact, we mostly asked wedding photographers who have seen a wide variety of weddings throughout our city and beyond.

The votes came in, and the Top 20 venues are listed below. Thanks to all the vendors who voted and helped us compile this list.

1. EntrepĂ´ts Dominion

Entrepots Dominion

Based in St-Henri, EntrepĂ´ts Dominion easily beat out the competition for Best Wedding Venues in Montreal.

This adaptable space has a unique, contemporary vibe and can be a blank space waiting for you to add your own personal taste with decoration and detail.

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