A Beautiful Château Ste-Agnès Wedding

Bride & groom walking in the vineyard at Château ste agnès

Today, we’re excited to share this beautiful wedding at one of the most beautiful venues in Quebec, Château Ste-Agnès.

Roxanne and Vincent had their wedding at Château Ste-Agnès in mid-September, and as you’ll see from the photos, their day was filled with love, laughter, and perfect weather.

Located amidst rolling vineyards and stunning Appalachian vistas, Château Ste-Agnès is a historic winery nestled in Sutton, Eastern Townships. Just 90 minutes from Montreal, this private estate boasts breathtaking scenery.

illuminated "Better Together" sign at Château Ste-Agnès

Roxanne took time to tell us all about their wedding day.

Tell us about Château Ste-Agnès and why you chose that venue.

We decided to get married at Chateau St-Agnes in Sutton, Québec. We chose that venue, because we thought it was the best of both worlds. The vineyards looked like they came straight out of Italy; however, we were still in Quebec. So it was a destination wedding without having to go to another destination. 

How did you meet, how did you become engaged and for how long had you been engaged before your wedding day?

We met when I randomly decided to go snowboarding with a work colleague of mine. We got lost, and her car was stuck in a ditch, so she called her friend, whom she had met by chance seven years before on a bus in Australia. He came, picked us up, and we all went snowboarding together. We had been together for six and a half years before he proposed on a remote island in the Florida Keys. We had been engaged about a year before our wedding date. 

groom and groomsmen cheers at chateau ste-agnes
Groom's father helps him fix his bow tie

Did you hire an Event planner?

Yes, we did. However, she quit on us one month before the wedding date, which meant we did the majority of the work ourselves with the help of Charlotte Adamo from D-Day Wedding Planner Canada.

bride and bridesmaids laughing in their robes
bride and mother get ready for a wedding

Who was the designer of your dress and where did you purchase it from?

My dress was a Milla Nova dress, which I purchased at Chateau Nadia. However, I would like to mention that the dress was tailored to perfection and my veil was custom made by Doli Fashion (she is a wonderful seamstress located in Laval and she works for herself). 

bride and groom have their first look with their dog

What made you choose this dress? What did you love about it?

It’s funny because it’s the opposite of what I thought I wanted (I didn’t want anything too flashy); one of my best friends just threw it in the changing room on a whim. However, in the end, when I put it on, I just felt like a Hollywood starlet & and it complimented me so well that I had to choose it. 

portrait of bride and groom against a black wooden wall

Your photographer was Steve Gerrard. What did you like about his style of photography?

Hiring Steve as our wedding photographer was the best decision I made. His style is really what drew me to him, where you can almost feel the emotion of the moment through the picture. His understanding of light and framing made every picture art.

I was thinking maybe I would fall in love with 15-20 pictures max, but so many are so beautiful, I have a hard time choosing which ones to frame, and that is a really good problem to have.

Mind you, his work is so flawless that I was going through the pictures and completely forgot that a majority of them were taken when it was cloudy, and they all are beautiful and vivid. Even the action shots of people dancing and pictures taken in low light. They all look like they are straight out of a magazine.

wedding couple laughing with their dog

Getting the two photographers was also a really good decision, because we also got so many beautiful pictures of our loved ones, one even told me “I don’t even have pictures that look this nice from my own wedding”. He even took amazing pictures of my pet!!

He’s there when you need him and melts into the background during the rest. Hiring Steve is like the decision that keeps on giving.

dog walking towards the camera as bridal party laugh in the background

Who was your videographer?

We picked D’Alessandro Films, who were AMAZING. They also came all the way from London, Ontario, so real troopers right there. Here is the VIMEO LINK. 

Who was your hair and make-up artist?

My makeup artist was amazing. It was Makeup by Kimiisha : here is her Instagram. My hair artist was also amazing; it was Ruby Valentine. She specializes in vintage hairstyles: here is her Instagram 

Who made the groom’s suit? 

Vincent’s suit was custom-made by H. Padar

couple exiting their wedding ceremony at Château Ste-Agnès

Who was your florist, and why did you choose the flowers?

We went with Vincent Fleuriste, which is a local flower shop in Sainte-Julie. We chose them because we’ve always got flowers from them, and they always do such a wonderful job. 

Also, we wanted a bit more boho pastel-style bouquets and flowers for the arch, and they knocked it out of the park. 

groomsmen holding flowers

Tell us about your cake

Our caterer made our cake. We opted for a simple cake just for the two of us and a variety of mini desserts for the guests. 

Tell us about any entertainment you had during the evening.

Our DJ was DJ Puppa Sacha, and he was great. We also had a live violinist who we found performing on Sainte-Catherine. He was seriously one of the highlights of our evening. Here is his Instagram. edward_prince_micu

How about your stationery?

KV Print Bar for the menus and the wedding signs. Here is their Instagram

wedding decor at Château Ste-Agnès

What kind of decor did you opt for?

We kind of mixed everything. We did candle drama instead of a ton of flowers. We also rented orange lighting to add to the ambiance. 

Did you have anyone accompany you down the aisle?

My mom accompanied me down the aisle. The wedding party and the groom marched down to Rufus Del Sol –  Next To Me, and I walked down to a violin version of Je l’aime à mourir by Francis Cabrel

bride and mother walk down the aisle before ceremony at Château Ste-Agnès

Would you like to share anything about your vows?

We did write our own vows for one another and Vincent thought about writing them out by hand in these little personalized vow books, which was so much nicer than reading off a regular paper. 

Did you use a celebrant to officiate your wedding?

Yes, it was Katherine Ammerlaan, and here is her website.

outdoor wedding ceremony with vineyards in the background at Château Ste-Agnès

Did you choose a ‘first dance’ track?

Yes, we chose Beyond- Leon Bridges – We chose this because we discovered this artist together by chance at Osheaga and then fell in love with the artist and the song. 

What was your very favourite part of the day and why?

Just everyone dancing and enjoying the evening together, I feel like I have so many wonderful flashes of memories throughout the night. 

oysters at an outdoor wedding
bride and groom sit together next to a pond

And, on reflection, is there anything you might have done differently with foresight?

Hmm, not really, I mean there were a ton of obstacles, but we decided to go with the flow. 

If you could impart any words of wisdom to a couple planning their wedding day, what would they be?

Not to stress the little things, if something doesn’t go “according to plan” on the wedding day, it doesn’t matter because no one else really knows the “plan” except you guys. 

Also, take moments throughout the evening to just stop and really take things in, it’s such a wonderful day and night and it goes by so fast, so enjoy the moments. 

bride and groom laughing at parents' speech

Huge thanks and congratulations to Roxanne and Vincent.

All photos by Steve Gerrard Photography

The story of Château Ste-Agnès

Once upon a time…

There lived the late Henriette Antony, this estate’s original owner and visionary. Before emigrating to Canada as a teenager in 1949, Antony was born in southern Moravia, where she grew up among vineyards and historic buildings. This Montreal antique store owner continued to dream – she set out to recreate a piece of her European heritage. Her vision started with a small stone chapel.

One fine day, she called on European-trained craftsmen to bring her vision into reality – By the time she was finished, she’d created a terraced vineyard, two villas, two small lakes, and a castle complete with a grand ballroom, underground wine cellars, and tasting rooms built into the hillside. The results of her project were reminiscent of her homeland in what was once Czechoslovakia. Cobblestone paths, murals, carved woodwork, and mosaics provide decorative touches evocative of the Middle Ages.

Her life was marked by creativity and a passion for antiques. Coming to work on the property was her weekend refuge. She gradually added multiple structures and the vineyard, which became known as Chapelle Ste-Agnès after the stone chapel.

Although she passed away in 2015 at the age of 82, Henrietta’s legacy lives on as we continue to showcase her magical chateau estate and share her incredible story with all who come through our doors. We hope you fall in love with this enchanting place as much as we did!

With new ownership as of spring 2022, we are offering the estate a second life under the name of Château Ste-Agnès. Our philosophy is to pay homage to what was here and showcase the beauty of this place while keeping the integrity of the land.

Château Ste-Agnès cannot be solely explained or captured in a picture; it needs to be lived and felt.

The End
(…Actually, it’s just the beginning)

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